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Issue tracker and Wiki for support

Updated 2 months ago

Multi-protocol chat app gateways

Updated 7 days ago

XMPP component to subscribe to webhook notifications

Updated 7 months ago

ConverseJS XMPP web-client as a standalone fullscreen app

Updated 1 week ago

Highly integrated bridge between XMPP and Discord

Updated 1 year ago

A simple landing page for the IRCd

Updated 3 weeks ago

Simple webpage to join IRC channels with public Biboumi gateways

Updated 5 months ago

XMPP to IRC gateway

Updated 1 year ago

Customizations for the Forgejo instance

Updated 1 week ago

Personal gateway connecting SMS with XMPP.

Updated 3 months ago

Unofficial Docker container for Movim

Updated 3 weeks ago

Proof of Concept for XMPP spaces

Updated 3 years ago

XMPP <-> Game server chat bridge for servers supporting rcon and writing log files in real time

Updated 1 year ago

An OMEMO-enabled XMPP bot that tails a log file and sends new lines to a given contact in encrypted form

Updated 2 years ago

Unofficial Prosody (XMPP) Docker image

Updated 6 months ago

matchbot at #libregaming-matchmaking on

Updated 8 months ago

Buildbot plugin for integration with gitea.

Updated 9 months ago

FeedWordPress: simple and flexible Atom/RSS syndication for WordPress

Updated 10 months ago

Advanced Discord <-> IRC Bridge

Updated 3 days ago

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Updated 2 months ago