Webapp to manage gamejams and their submissions.

Updated 8 hours ago

Discord <-> IRC Bridge

Updated 21 hours ago

360-degree view of the registrant and beneficiary

Updated 1 day ago

Slidge is a general purpose XMPP (puppeteer) gateway framework in python

Updated 1 day ago

Programs and cycles are used to outline a social protection program

Updated 3 days ago

A bids evaluation/scoring app for Odoo

Updated 1 week ago

Pyxform-http is a web service that uses pyxform to convert a XLSForm to an ODK XForm

Updated 3 months ago

A simple IRC bot which fetches and posts RSS feeds

Updated 5 months ago

Advanced channel bridge XMPP <-> Discord

Updated 5 months ago

A primitive SMTP to XMPP gateway

Updated 6 months ago

An unofficial ODK Central Management CLI tool

Updated 7 months ago

Simple game match-making IRC bot

Updated 7 months ago

XMPP spaces proof of concept

Updated 2 years ago