Extends fof/oauth for login with Gitea or Forgejo
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OAuth2 for Gitea or Forgejo

A supplement to the OAuth2 extenstion fof/oauth by FriendsOfFlarum


A Flarum extension supplementing fof/oauth (OAuth for Flarum by FriendsOfFlarum) with a lean implementation for community owned Gitea or Forgejo instances.

Based on frie/flarum-nextcloud-oauth, work in progress!


composer require povoq/flarum-gitea-oauth


composer update povoq/flarum-gitea-oauth


Before activating this extension, fof/oauth also needs to be activated.

The Gitea/Forgejo provider is configured in the scope of fof/oauth

Configuration for Gitea or Forgejo

Gitea authentication is somewhat different from authentication against Github, Twitter etc.: we usually have community-owned Gitea instances, which we supplement by a commmunity-owned discussion forum. So it makes sense to enable enforcement of identical user names and nicknames (by configuration).

Therefore a switch was added Copy user name from Gitea (activate by entering yes in the input field). Without activating this switch the user has to define the user name on registration as usual - when activated the username is copied from Gitea. Since there is no Gitea or Forgejo icon yet in the awesome brand collection, the icon can be set by another input field.