OpenID Connect provider over LDAP
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Canaille is a French word meaning rascal. It is roughly pronounced Can I?, as in Can I access your data? Canaille is a simple account manager and an OpenID Connect provider based upon a LDAP database.

It aims to be very light, simple to install and simple to maintain. Its main features are :

  • Authentication and user profile edition against a LDAP directory;
  • "I forgot my password" emails;
  • Only OpenID Connect: no outdated or exotic protocol support;
  • No additional database required: everything is stored in your LDAP server;
  • Customizable, themable;
  • The code is easy to read and easy to edit, and you should!


Canaille login page Canaille profile page Canaille consent page

Try it!

cd demo
./ # or `docker-compose up` to run it with docker

or try our online demo!

You have access to:

The canaille server has some default users:

  • A regular user which login and password are user
  • A moderator user which login and password are moderator
  • An admin user which login and password are admin

Online demo data are reset every night at 02:00 CEST.


⚠ Canaille is under heavy development and may not fit a production environment yet. However, contributions are welcome! ⚠

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