Project to replace all non-libre assets in OpenSpades and establish a FOSS asset pipeline for models and maps.

OpenSpades with improved libre art assets

Updated 3 weeks ago

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An Ace of Spades 0.75 server based on PySnip.

Updated 4 weeks ago

BetterSpades, an Ace of Spades client targeted at low end systems

Updated 2 months ago

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Goxel fork with .vxl map import/export

Updated 9 months ago

Java 0 0

Voxel editor with .kv6 support

Updated 3 years ago

C++ 0 0

Simple heightmap Editor for Voxlap5 VXL (512x512x64 only)

Updated 5 years ago

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PySnip is a robust, open-source and cross-platform server implementation for Ace of Spades.

Updated 5 years ago