Our Prosody XMPP server config
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F-hub.org Prosody configuration

Our Prosody XMPP server config.

Somewhat unusual setup to make it easier to add multiple components.

Actual secret containing config snippets are not included, but .example files are included.

Installed community modules

Install or update with: sudo prosodyctl install mod_example_module

Check for updates: sudo prosodyctl list --outdated

List of installed modules

  • mod_admin_blocklist
  • mod_cloud_notify
  • mod_default_bookmarks
  • mod_group_bookmarks (only for LDAP sync)
  • mod_muc_badge
  • mod_muc_mam_hints
  • mod_muc_markers
  • mod_muc_moderation
  • mod_muc_webchat_url
  • mod_ogp
  • mod_ping_muc
  • mod_privilege (for gateways only)
  • mod_smacks
  • mod_track_muc_joins
  • mod_vcard_muc
  • mod_vjud